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WASDI Platform

The WaSCIA applications are deployed on the Web Advanced Space Developer Interface (WASDI).

WASDI is a fully scalable cloud-based analytical platform that allows EO experts to develop and deploy Dynamic Innovation Architecture System (DIAS) based EO online applications, without the need for any specific IT/ Cloud skills.

The platform offers end users the opportunity to run EO applications from both a dedicated user-friendly interface and an API based software interface. Users can also explore a catalogue of EO data products.

More information about the WASDI Platform can be found here.

Getting Started:

The WASDI Platform can be accessed here.

Documentation for how to access and use WASDI can be found here: WASDI : Web Advanced Space Developer Interface — WASDI documentation center documentation

Before accessing and using any of the WaSCIA applications, users will need to create an account on WASDI: Signing Up and Signing In — WASDI documentation center documentation

A number of introductory videos can be found on Youtube:

- WASDI | End users demo (

- Introduction to WASDI Platform (

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