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Water Stress and Climate Indices for Africa (WaSCIA) is an European Space Agency funded project that aims to deliver high-quality Water Stress and Climate Indices through an easy-to-use web interface to help the management of drought and water stress in Africa.

As part of the EO AFRICA National Incubators program, WaSCIA aims to deliver weekly water stress information and climate indices derived from Earth Observation (EO) and reanalysis data at the national level for the Senegal, with the goal of being extended to other African countries.

The service will leverage on open-source innovative information technology and be deployed using an existing cloud-based platform, Web Advanced Space Developer Interface (WASDI). A decision support tool will provide end users with threshold warning information that will help to manage risks associated with drought conditions.

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Web Advanced Space Developer Interface

The WaSCIA solution will be deployed using the Web Advanced Space Developer Interface (WASDI). WASDI is a fully scalable cloud based EO analytical platform ...

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