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WaSCIA User Workshop - Senegal


The WaSCIA project team held a 2-day user workshop, on 3rd - 4th July in Dakar, Senegal.

  • Outreach workshop on Soil Moisture and Climate Indices Applications developed in the framework of the: “Water Stress and Climate Indices for Africa (WaSCIA)” project
  • Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar (UCAD), Dakar, Senegal

The main objective of the workshop was to increase the visibility of the WaSCIA project and introduce the Soil Moisture and Climate Indices Applications to the participants.

Specifically, the aims of the workshop were to:

- Introduce the WaSCIA project to the participants;

- Introduce the Soil Moisture and Climate Indices Applications to the participants;

- Show the participants a real use case;

- Assist the participants in testing the functions of the applications;

- Collect participants’ feedback on how to improve the applications based on their needs and experience.

The workshop was attended by 17 participants from a range of regional organisations and research groups (mainly from Senegal).

Day 1 - The participants were introduced to the project and the WaSCIA applications. A use-case was presented to demonstrate how to run the applications and how to use the outputs together.

Day 2 - The participants set up user accounts on WASDI and were given the opportunity to try out the WaSCIA applications for themselves in a hands-on practical session. This was followed by a discussion and wrap-up session.

Feedback was gathered throughout the day to record the users' experience, suggestions and recommendations. This feedback will help shape the future of the WaSCIA project and tools.

The workshop attendance was by invite only, but material and results from the workshop will be published here in due course.

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