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WaSCIA Project Documentation


The following WaSCIA project documentation are now available.

This report contains both the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) and Product Specification for the WaSCIA solution.

The ATBD provides a description of the algorithms used to generate the WaSCIA products which include the surface wetness and evaporation loss data products, the climate indices and the threshold warnings. The Product Specification describes the format and contents of the WaSCIA output data products.

This document describes the processors and workflows that sit behind the WaSCIA applications. It also describes the cloud-based infrastructure, WASDI, whether the processors are deployed.

The WaSCIA solution comprises two main components:

  • WaSCIA HydroSENS-Soil Water Stress Application
  • WaSCIA Climate Indices Application

To accompany these applications are a suite of data analysis tools (Jupyter Notebooks) that enable users to easily interact with the data and extract valuable insights.

  • WaSCIA Climate Indices Simple Plotting Functions
  • WaSCIA Threshold Warning Tool

Information about where and how to access and run these applications and tools will be described in detail in the next few months.

WaSCIA Components Infographic_ET2