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State of the Art Review Report


The State-of-the-Art Review Report is now available.

This report contains a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art of EO-based methods and solutions relevant to the WaSCIA project.

A literature review was undertaken by the WaSCIA team with the aim of identifying the most appropriate methods for generating the soil moisture and water stress datasets from remote sensing data. Critical parts of the processing include the evaporation monitoring, soil moisture pattern mapping, and downscaling methods.

The report also includes a review of relevant literature on climate data, climate indices and climate services, with a focus on the agricultural sector. Climate indices are standardised metrics useful for conveying long-term climate variability and characterising climate anomalies.

sentinel images

European Commission, Copernicus Sentinel-2 Mission – Comparison between a Sentinel-2A image taken on 11th November 2019 and a Sentinel-2B image taken on 15th November 2020 showing the effects of intense rainfall near the town of Linguere after 6 years of drought.